Our Product Development & Maintenance service is focused on translating client’s new business ideas into software product solutions, from strategy, organization and concept generation to new software product development, implementation and maintenance.

At Prasad Solutions, we have the necessary skills and experience in Product Development and Maintenance to offer our customers services across the entire product development life cycle. Leveraging on its expertise on product development and maintenance, our team deliver cost-effective products to our customers which are of excellent quality.

We focus on the following things for user-friendly product development:

  • Reduce lead times for development
  • Limit wastes
  • Simple and attractive Product design
  • Enhancement
  • Improve design for sustainable life-cycle
  • Develop technical capabilities
  • Change management processes
  • Maintenance
  • Product Support

If you like to talk with our team for develop your products or see the demo of our live running projects, then Call us at 011-40556770 or write us at info@digitalcorn.com

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