We are serving our customers for a very long time and we provide every kind of solution what our clients need. We have a team of experts for every service, we provide. We understand the requirements of our customer properly and follow the complete SDLC process, so that our client gets a final solution for his needs. It is necessary to understand the customer’s needs properly so that we can provide him right and timely solutions. Customers come to us with their requirement and we provide them a blue print of the solution to their problems. When customer is satisfied with the blue print then actual implementation is started. In addition to it, we also deliver the demo solutions to our clients time to time so that he can be aware that his work is going with a good progress and he will get the desired solution in the mentioned time frame. This tactic will help us as well, because we make sure that we are on the right track.

Services we provide

There are many services, which we provide to our customers as per their requirements. We also suggest our customers to get the appropriate service if they are not aware about what exactly they need. Some of the services we provide are as follows:

Application Development

We understand the requirements of our customer and provide him the solution in the form of application. Developed application produces the output or result in the same format as the customer’s requirements. This can be a report or some output on screen or some business management system, which keeps the track of every activity in his business.

Web Application Development:

Web application development may involve the application solution on web portal or a web site to do the online marketing or improve business opportunities to our client. We provide the web applications and website with different themes and content as per customer needs. These applications are deployed on either intranet of the customer (local area network of customer business) or on internet, which can be access from anywhere world wide.

Content Management:

We also provide the content management services to our customers so that they can get the best content for their website and put it there. A good content always attract the visitors and increase the rank of website, which results in good business opportunities.

Windows Mobile Application

Prasad Solutions too design window based application program for the mobile phones .Windows Mobile Application Programming is a completely based on OS knowledge and concept. It contains all popular Windows applications such as Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and also Microsoft Outlook. For the top quality window base programming it is very necessary to take expert and effective services of windows cell phone programmers/developers. Prasad Solutions innovations is well established at its peak and provides experts for cell phone database integration and smartphones solution throughout the world. Our knowledgeable and expert group of Windows Cellular program developers and windows cell phone designers uses extra-ordinary and user compatible growth technologies and tools to create market opportunities for you.

CMS Web Development:

CMS web development is another service we provide our customers. We get many customers from different area of the globe which asks us to do the CMS web development for them. We understand their requirement and provide the best solution to their need.

Payment Gateway Solution:

We also provide payment gateway solutions to our clients, so that they can get the payment of their products or services online from their customers. In today’s age every one wants the service on a single click. We provide such solutions to our clients which can help them in rapid growth of their business.

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