Digital Corn provides Online Accounting Software that maintains and processes small business accounting transactions within functional modules such as:

  • Account receivable
  • Trial balance
  • Product management
  • Inventory

Accounting Software provides an easy way to keep users accounts information online with reliable and secured data transfer. Our online accounting software provides easy forms for invoicing, purchase, sale, and inventory and bank reconciliation.

We give you the Scalable Accounting Software Solution with the required features:

  • Easy to use: Our SME accounting Software is capable of serving the needs of multiple national accountancy standards and allows accounting with multiple users. Our online accounting system has lot of reports which would help users to control their business online. This can be used easily to make data entry.
  • Accounts payable or receivable: Our accounting software save the details of paying bills, paying vendors, making purchase orders, and creating memos. User can see all the reports related to the accounts receivables such as analyze sales and item aging.
  • General Ledger: It contains all the records related to the Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, and Expenses. Accounting software allows you to keep your transaction in a database for long-term use instead of kept in book.
  • Banking:  This feature is available to keep the balancing record of financial statements of company.
  • Job Costing: It provides the details about the job details and process. IT reports the estimating cost of the company.
  • Payroll:  Our SME solutions allow you to contain the records of wages, pay periods, and tax forms. Users can maintain the records of employees to retrieve for accounting purpose.

How Financial accounting software is beneficial for you?

  • Manage all financial business process in systematic manner.
  • Implement all your accounting records in proper manner.
  • Improve visibility in financial processes and overall performance.
  • Maintain accounting reports (such as balance sheet, cash book, day book, profit & loss report and more) for evaluating total business transaction.
  • Easily track total expenses, income and inventory details of the company.
  • Easily manage customer records, company account records, vendor records without any data redundancy.
  • Easy to manage general ledger, payroll system and tax information details.
  • Enable collaboration inside and outside the organization.
  • Unlimited number of suppliers
  • Purchase orders
  • Goods receivables notes
  • Supplier invoices, with received items.

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