HTML 5 is the mark-up language which helps in the structuring and presenting content in the internet. It is also one of the core technologies for internet as proposed by the Opera software. HTML5 is created to subsume a whole lot of HTML languages like HTML 4, DOM level 2 HTML, XHTML and such. Digital Corn has the expertise and the experience required for this job. So, we will be able to offer you complete solution regarding the services you may require for HTML 5.

Why HTML 5 Is Better Than Earlier Versions?

  • To manage content and make your site look better.
  • Allow you to add certain features like drop box, choosing the option, clicking a button and opening a new page and many such things to your site.
  • Make your site look smart
  • Be convenient for the visitor
  • Supports audio-video files of various formats
  • Useful to control pixels
  • Has local storage and session storage

The features that you need to know are:

  • Introduced new elements:- HTML 5 has introduced a few new elements and attributes to its latest version. This attributes have been decided keeping in mind the usages of HTML in the modern websites. The syntax of this new version is not based upon the SGML, though the mark-up may seem a little misleading. It also comes with a backward compatibility with the common pasting of the older versions of HTML.
  • Supports APIs:- Apart from the new mark-up, HTML 5 specifies the scripting procedure with application programming interfaces or APIs. These new APIs can be based on JavaScript. There are various other aspects and technicalities associated with these specifications and you can gather information about them from internet.
  • XML Serialization:-Along with the HTML 5 version there is the XHTML 5 and that is practically the XML serialization of the HTML 5. All the XML documents are to be serviced with an XML and along with that XHTML 5 requires the strict and well-formed syntax of the XML system. So, that is why the choice between HTML 5 and XHTML 5 comes down to a simple thing, the content type. It means you need to choose either of the language depending upon the type of the content that is being used in the site.
  • High Security:-It provided superior quality security like all its predecessors. So, you can use this mark-up language without any worry or hesitation.

The Services, We Cater

When you are looking forward to opt for the services provided by us at, then you need to know about the services we offer. Here you will get a list of those services, and if you want more information, then you need to go through the complete list of the services offered by our company.

We offer services like:

  • HTML 5 web services and application development
  • HTML 5 mobile application development