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Employee motivation is an ever-present concern for us. Like other organization we do not think motivating employees is largely about pay. This is a simplistic view, which isn’t particularly helpful for team leaders and managers who are trying to get the most out of their people in challenging times.

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1. Employees have authority along with responsibility. They knew that they are responsible for accomplishing a particular task or goal.

2. We organize training program on time to time basic on different upcoming technology so that our employee can stay updated with the latest technology in the market.

3. People want and need to be recognized. It is no different than when you were in third grade and you received a gold star or had your name prominently listed for some classroom accomplishment. It felt great then, and it feels just as good now. Sometimes managers fail to understand the need to recognize accomplishments (no matter how small they seem to be) of team members.

4. We keep our employees in the information loop. We always make that our employee know about critical organizational accomplishments, challenges or opportunities. Being informed gives employees a feeling of ownership.

5. Personal feedback to employees as quickly as possible – preferably within 24 hours. So that employee can know what manager thinks of their work. Because, the more detailed the constructive feedback is the better employees will respond to it.


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