DEV express

DevExpress is a developer tool, with very high percentage of popularity among the developers from different parts of this globe. Recently, DevExpress has launched an advanced next generation set of developer’s tool, named as DXperience 20112. The tool offers several features and a complete professional outlook to the modern developers. It is quite easy to use and on top of that very convenient for developing different web application. User-friendliness is a thing that is worth to be mentioned.

DevExpress has various editions and here is a list of them:

  • DXperience WinForms
  • DXperience Enterprise
  • DXperience Universal
  • DXperience Silverlight
  • DXperience WPF
  • DXperience ASP.NET

DXperience Universal tool is dedicated to the passionate and professional developers who are working with .NET technologies. Several features of this tool are really impressive and effective to carry out a .NET project swiftly and without any inconvenience. Even, you can easily manage some complicated projects with this tool.

In spite of so many good things, this technology has some drawback too. Here are those drawbacks:

  • Developing user control than spending time on business logic of the application is not a hassle free process. You may end up with losing some valuable time, that too with heavy among of error fixing hours.
  • The newer versions have some major control changes and most of them are not supported by the older version. Hence,   synchronization is a problem for this application.
  • The user control building is quite time consuming and the features are very limited.


DevExpress has launched a set of productive tools, named as DExperience. There are wide ranges of tools and also various numbers of platforms. Among them Winforms is a famous platform. Apart from that ASP.NET, WPF are also the platforms of DevExpress. The utility of this application is wide-spread and very much satisfying for those who have to work with ASP frequently. Any web programmer can use this for salient benefits and to cut off their time of manual web building.

Advantages of having DExperience tab Control:

  • User image control and tab control for the background.
  • Header customization with ease.
  • Tab control close button addition.
  • Gradient colors for using.
  • Various skin options for customization control and to provide better visual quality and outlook.

DevExpress Controls– XtraTile Control

XtraTile is the newest control of DevExpress, which helps in Windows 8 tile control. Before adding more about XtraTile, let us know what is tile? Tile is a new concept, launched by Windows 8. It represents an application icon in desktop. It will show you everything, including the current data and all other things.

XtraTile is the best DevExpress control that helps to deal with tile smoothly. It is very user-friendly and new developers can use this with utter ease and smoothness. You can easily drag and drop tile controls on your form. This much easy to use this technology is. It also gives you wide range of configuring options.