Anand Parvat e-magazine is all about the the diversify nature of Ram Jas College. Rai Kedar Nath led the foundation stone of the college in year 1917. Situated in Old Delhi, it is one of the prominent colleges of Delhi. It has been nearly a decade since the college came to existence. Every years thousands of students get their graduation degree from the college and goes on to purse their dream in the field of arts & science. While many choose to stay in the country others prefers to go abroad. This magazine helps all the students of the college as well as the people from the outside world to experience the kind of work that we indulge in. This was something which was never done before not until Anand Parvat. With the help of this portal, a student gets to know about his work by getting appropriate reviews of the people from different fields. Through Anand Parvat, one can witness how the talented students of Ram Jas College are and their work in different fields.

Our We Wanted

Through Anand Parvat e-magazine we wanted to show the world that how beautiful the life can be if we decide to pursue our dreams. This is what the students of Ram Jas College are doing in here. We wanted a platform with the help of which we can show the world our work in different field. We certainly have some of the finest photographers, stand up artists, writers and theater artists.

Some of them even won prestigious awards in their respective fields. We wanted the developers to present the world with a place from where they all can access each and every category of arts and works which our college students had to present.

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Right from the very beginning when we presented our work to the experienced panel of Prasad Solutions, they started to work on our project. They ultimately provided us with one of the best e-magazine platforms which no one would have done it so perfectly. They sure has once again led a strong foundation of Ram Jas College in the digital world.

With some of the best and dedicated professionals, Prasad Solutions has presented us with the work far better than we have expected. From design to user interface, they have worked very minutely on each and every aspect of the web page quite efficiently providing us with the best e-mag platform for our college.

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