Company Overview

Armwin is a professional Insulation Thickness Calculator by Armacell. Our core idea was to develop an online application for the calculation of insulation thickness online but wanted to keep it somewhat different from a simple website. We wanted to incorporate user-friendly forms wherein users can input data for calculation and get results within the blink of eye.

Our Requirements

Since it was going to be a professional calculator, we wanted it to be extremely easy-to-use and quick-to-perform. Moreover, we wanted to incorporate forms with multiple fields to input data for calculation, generate output and produce reports based on the outputs. An additional challenge was that Armwin is a Germany based product, it was to be developed in multiple languages.

How Digital Corn helped us!

In order to solve our problem, the team at Digital Corn connected with us to have a preliminary discussion for better understanding of our specific requirements. Then as the project moved on, we could easily see that things were going just the way we wanted them.

Customized forms were created which allowed users to perform calculation in 3 simple steps. At First, user can input the data to be calculated. In the second step, the result is calculated and in the last step, the report of calculation is generated, which can be easily downloaded and printed as well. To conclude, we’d say that it was a great experience working with the team at Digital Corn as they empowered us with valuable results.

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