Short for enterprise resource planning, ERP is an organization’s management system which uses a software application to incorporate all facets of the business, and automate and facilitate the flow of data between critical back-office functions, which may include financing, distribution, accounting, result and examination module, intranet, online assignment, faculty and stuent interaction chatting, news, blogs, planning, human resources, manufacturing, and other operating units etc.

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Colleges often seek out ERP software systems to pinpoint and mend inefficiencies in a business process, students records or when a number of complex issues exist in the Campus environment. ERP software systems are also implemented to enhance operational efficiencies, achieve financial goals, manage and streamline the company’s operational processes, replace an existing ERP software system that is out of date or unable to handle a company’s daily activities; or improve information management through better data accessibility, decreased data DE duplication and optimal forecasting features.
Many College see ERP software systems to critical to their business function, as they allow employees to achieve absolute performance process automation. While most colleges use countless processes, activities and systems to run operations, workflows and procedures can go awry when it comes to today’s highly competitive marketplace, thus hindering productivity, growth and profitability. As a result, the implementation of an ERP software application can result in increased productivity, reduced operating expenses, improved data flow, and optimal performance management, library management, result and examination modules etc.
ERP software comes in many forms, including supply chain management, manufacturing, distribution, warehouse management, retail management, and point-of-sale software.

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